Start of a 6 month program with selected companies

How eyva changed overnight to a customer-centric platform

The starting signal for first feedback. The tool got a spartan interface, which has almost nothing to do with today’s eyva. But it was a start to show how tangible context can be created from different data sources. 6 months of regular feedback meetings with the beauty companies participating in the program have shown even more clearly what data is needed: Customer needs and currently hot topics, review evaluations, and daily updated (competitive) market intelligence – connected with each other and with consumable context. By the end of 2021 and the end of the program, the team doubled in size and the first prototype was developed at full speed.

A milestone: the first prototype goes live and is tested

In January 2022, the first prototype is up: completely new interface, new design, filled with millions of new data every day, tested by various users: product managers, social media managers, business intelligence managers. This was the only way to ensure that every department can and wants to work with the tool. New insights such as a desired collaboration within the tool with colleagues, eyva as a guiding assistant, and much more are optimized almost simultaneously to the prototype testing on the product. Having to do less research, not having to understand data, being able to make decisions quickly and efficiently, being a pioneer – that’s what todays clients desire and what eyva enables. eyva is being polished and optimized – ready for early access. And that’s where we are now. Together with you. Get early access here and learn what it means to define an international industry.

Are you ready to pioneer the beauty industry?