Introducing eyva

About eyva’s creators and the journey to a unique technology

Who is behind eyva and how did the SaaS product emerge? Even though there are many data nerds – just pulling such a diverse SaaS out of the ground happens not only out of a passion for working with data, but by gaining an incredible amount of insight into the minds from the people who are supposed to work with it. eyva is the first product of datazeit GmbH, a company based in Cologne, Germany. After a self-conducted proof of concept (to develop and market a product without expertise, purely based on data), the company focused on the technology behind it and developed a unique Knowledge Graph, which is the heart of the SaaS, and which will be used for other industries in the future. The first industry that datazeit has decided to target for now: the Beauty & Personal Care Industry – one of the most rapidly growing industries.

The first steps: Data projects and over 100 interviews

Initial projects have shown that the need for data-driven work (a buzzword that meets both annoyed and flashing eyes) is stronger than ever – and inescapable in order to stay ahead of its competitors in the market. More than 100 interviews with experts from the beauty & personal care industry followed to find out exactly where the biggest problems are when working with data. The analysis of the interviews quickly showed that the problems varied greatly throughout the company, depending on the department. A tool that manages to be valuable for every department does not exist at that time (until today).